The Intersection of network security and Wi-Fi

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Webinar Wi-Fi is joyously ubiquitous, but perilous. Users just expect it to be there, and to work, even as Wi-Fi takes on more roles, connects more devices, and handles more traffic.

Those expanding roles for Wi-Fi mean it's evolving to deliver the reliability and security needed to deliver the connectivity users expect – without compromising the security of organizations that rely on it.

But IT professionals can't just assume that the evolution of Wi-Fi automatically brings the security their organisation needs.

Which is why The Register recommends this webinar, featuring our Asia-Pacific editor Simon Sharwood in conversation with Stephen Cooper, Juniper Networks' Technical Lead, for the AI-Driven Enterprise across APAC. After Simon and Stephen chat, we also take deep dive into Wi-Fi with a cast of international experts.

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We start by exploring how the recent Wi-Fi 6e spec improved security, and Wi-Fi 7 will add further enhancements.

Stephen will also explain how to use the security enhancements added to Wi-Fi even without upgrading your hardware. Spoiler alert: you can blend old and new hardware, but still enhance security baseline.

Or you can go all-in on the new Wi-Fi 7 standard once it is ratified and appears in access points and other Wi-Fi hardware.

You'll also learn what it takes to operate secure Wi-Fi networks even when the fleet of devices that connect to your networks have differing security capabilities. That's a big issue as Microsoft won't support Wi-Fi 7 in Windows 10, leaving plenty of PCs and other devices with lesser security capabilities.

We take a look at Guest Wi-Fi too. It's a tricky topic because providing connectivity you don't know, and have little reason to trust, is an obvious risk.

But Guest Wi-Fi is also a service that many of your customers, partners, or suppliers might now expect. If you rely providing an excellent digital experience to your customers, and that experience requires connectivity, Guest Wi-Fi may therefore be a facility you need to offer.

The internet of things (IoT) is another topic we touch on in these talks. Plenty of organisations use Wi-Fi to connect their IoT devices, and often prefer to run one network that can handle those machines and other traffic.

Handling that mix of machines and traffic types can be tricky, but this event will teach you how to tame your network.

For all of the above and more, check out this Q&A and the following expert panel, and you'll emerge with a clearer view of the road ahead.

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